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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the minimum requirements?
The minimum required hardware and software for enjoying Condor is:
  • OS: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000 (Apple computers can use Condor via Bootcamp)
  • Processor: +1 GHz (non-Celeron)
  • Memory: 256 MB
  • Graphics card: DX7+ compatible video card with at least 64 MB memory
  • DirectX and all drivers up to date.
As usual, better the hardware, better the experience.

Condor runs too slow on my PC!
Do not panic! There is a way to minimize the stress on your PC.
In Condor go into setup and under graphics tab you will have various option to play with. We recommend as a first step to try different settings under 'visible distance' option. Next one is to tune down the max number of trees. Then you can proceed to terrain mesh quality. Also try different screen resolution settings.
We are positive you will find a solution to make Condor playable on your PC.

What kind of joystick do I need?
To be able to fly in Condor, you do not need any joystick. Glider can be controlled even by mouse or keyboard. However we do strongly suggest that you should use at least a joystick with a twist rudder support. For the ultimate experience we recommend using joystick with a forcefeedback support and separate rudders.
Since Condor supports multiple input devices, you can literally create a real analogous controls for all glider controls.

My trimmer does not work on all planes!
Condor trimmer control is by default dependant on the glider type. For example ASW27 has stick trim in real life, so Condor uses stick trim only.
However not all is lost! Condor enables user to disregard this and thus enables to use same trim control for all gliders. To use this option, please untick the option: "Stick trim where available" in Condor under the 'input' tab.

My glider has too sensitive controls.
Please take a look at your joystick software to see if your joystick is correctly calibrated and configured.
You can also set various response settings in Condor under the 'input' tab in setup screen.

I do not have rudders and I would like to know how to correct sideslip.
You can either use the keyboard keys for rudder or you can also enable the auto rudder option which will help you minimize the sideslip.

Why is that nobody can connect to me if I try to host?
First thing when you want to host is to check your firewall/router settings.
If you have firewall you must allow Condor to have free access through it. Most software firewalls will ask you if you want to approve access when you try to host. In any case we suggest that you should consult with your firewall documentation and/or you can visit Condor support forums.
As for router settings, you will need to enable port forwarding in your router settings. How is this done differs with router types. Please consult with your router documentation and/or visit Condor support forums.

When I fly online everyone jumps around... help!
What are you experiencing is so called 'warping' which is caused by unstable network connection. Please check your ping time when connected by pressing the default key 'TAB'. If the time is high or if it jumps up and down, this indicates that your connection with this server is too unstable for smooth flying. There are two ways in trying to solve this problem. One is to find another server which will give better connection stability. Last but not least, be sure to check for any P2P sharing software running on your computer. If you are downloading/uploading something it will saturate your bandwidth which will not leave enough of it for smooth online flying. You should quit such programs when you want to fly online.

Where is everybody? Where can I fly online?
There is no central server for Condor like in dedicated massive multiplayer online games.
To find someone to fly with, try using the our Servers List page or use Condor forums for hooking up with other folks to setup the flying session.

I have created the coolest skin for my glider. Why nobody can see it?
Condor does not support automatic transfer for the glider skins. If you want that others can see your skin, you will need to send it to them via email, etc. Do not forget to check Condor forum where you can post or download skins and other 3rd party tools for use with skins.

I am totally lost in air even when I try to follow the GPS map
No worries keen pilot. You can tune waypoint helpers by pressing default key 'j'.

Where are this things so called thermals? I cannot find any!
To make it easier for you to start, you can turn on the thermal helpers by pressing the default key 'h'. When activated you will notice the colorful puffs under the clouds. Different color indicates the strength of the thermal. Red means it's the one you would want to use for climbing, while blue ones should be avoided.
Note: Not all flight task have 'h' allowed by default. Please take a look into NOTAM screen before flight.

What is that strange beeping sound while I am in cockpit?
This is the sound of your variometer. This instrument is mainly used to observe the sink/climb of the glider. Since glider pilots need too look out of the cockpit while flying, the sound cues are provided to minimize the instrument panel fixation. You can control the sound volume either in game or under setup screen where you can even set off the beeping sound when the glider sinks (negative values).

Where is AI?
With Condor version 1.0, there are no real glider AI pilots to compete against. The reason is that at the current level we were not satisfied with AI performance. Not that they were too bad, but they were too good. Since we want AI to mimics (no cheating, like in other sims) the real life pilots as close as possible, and soaring is a very complicated environment, we had postponed the introduction till version 2.0.
However there is a good news too. For AI replacement we have introduced 'ghosts' which are recordings of your or other people flying. This enables you to fly versus real people and the end result totally suppress the lack of the AI gliders.

Can I change the terrain?
Not at the moment. In release version there is only one terrain, however as the time will progress there will be more terrains available.

Can I create a new scenery for Condor?
Not at the moment, However we are working hard now on creating a Condor Scenery Kit which will allow users to add their own sceneries (terrains, objects, etc.) to the Condor. The CSK will be available for free for registered users.
For more info on the developing new scenery, please visit the Condor's forum.

Can I create my own gliders for Condor?
Yes and No. Since the Condor aim is in the multiplayer competition soaring and to have a high standard flight models, we are forced to use a moderated approach to adding user created gliders. This means that if a user wants to have his glider model in Condor, he will need to submit his work to the Condor Development Team which will exam the submitted material and if the material will have a potential it will be put into the queue for an official release. For more details on developing new gliders, please visit the Condor's forum.

I lost my license key. Help!
Please log in to your Shareit account page where you will find your license key.

I lost my installation file I had downloaded and link does not work anymore!?
Download option is time limited as clearly noted while ordering. It is advised that you archive the installation file on CD after download. If you did not, please contact Shareit customer service with your problem.
Condor Team is NOT liable for any direct, indirect, special or incidental loss of the download installation file. It is solely your's, customer's, obligation to archive the installation file.