Condor uses a "limited area" approach with sceneries. This approach was chosen because of specific requirements of soaring simulators and the limitations of current hardware. Condor is optimized for SRTM data for terrain mesh, use of synthetic (rather than photorealistic) textures and heavy use of 3D ground objects, such as forests, cities, airports, villages, mountain huts, telecommunication towers, etc.

Creation of a wide selection of quality sceneries for Condor is a complex and time consuming task that exceeds the capability of our team. It would be impossible for us to cover many interesting soaring sites that our users demand. That is why our choice was simple to give users the ability to create their own sceneries. This way the workload is spread to many people and also users can choose to create the sceneries they like they are not limited to specific areas.

You will get one scenery with Condor which is the home country of developers Slovenia. It covers around 37.000 square kilometers of very heterogeneous terrain ranging from alpine to medium height mountains and large flat areas. It's perfectly big enough to make some nice 500 km FAI triangles using different lift sources.












Sceneries download
  Since the release of our Condor Scenery Toolkit in March 2006 a number of great sceneries have been made by Condor users and many more are in the pipeline which is a great acknowledgment for our scenery policy.

The free sceneries made by Condor users are kindly hosted by Condor club.

There are also some beautiful commercial sceneries made by Condorworld and PostFrontal.

Scenery development
The main tool for scenery development is Condor Scenery Toolkit (CST). Documentation is included with CST in PDF format.

Much more additional information can be found at our Scenery development forum.