Condor originally offers 13 gliders across the major gliding classes, from school class to open class. This is enough for the new pilots to learn soaring and also for the ambitious pilots to enjoy the thrills of competition soaring.

Of course, the default selection of planes, even though not small, is still not enough to satisfy all pilots. Some would like to fly their favorite real life glider, some would like to try out the hottest new ships for the fraction of their real life cost and also some would like to experience the early days of soaring with an old, wooden glider.

We have therefore decided to periodically release new types of gliders in so called plane packs. Each plane pack will include around 5 new gliders. The selection of planes will be mostly based on their popularity and user demand. Users can express their wishes at our planes forum or even try to create the 3D model of their favorite glider which can then be finished by us and included in one of the plane packs.

Why no 3rd party planes for Condor?

Condor uses an advanced flight dynamics model which demands a lot of accurate input data for every plane. To assure realistic flight characteristics of the planes, the data must meet our quality standards and must be critically reviewed and adapted to our flight model. We are convinced this can only be achieved by having a thorough understanding of the internals of Condor's physics model.

That is why we have decided not to allow the development of 3rd party planes for Condor. It would result in potentially nice looking gliders but with unrealistic and un comparable flight characteristics which would ruin the soul of Condor which is fair, realistic simulation of competition soaring.

We have, however, given users the possibility to design the 3D models of the gliders they would like to see in Condor. With some knowledge of 3D modeling, with our cooperation and feedback, it is possible to build the glider to the phase where we take it over and finish it. We add pilot animations, moving surface animations, instrument panel gauges, textures, flight model and, if required, custom sounds. The plane then goes to testing to our beta team and when everything checks OK, it is ready to be released in one of the plane packs.

Why is not free?

We are sure you understand that creating high quality planes is not a quick and easy task. It's a lot of work, so we decided to charge a small fee for the plane packs. We have kept the price down, so plane packs should be accessible to the majority of Condor users. We hope the price of two movie tickets is reasonable for 5 new quality gliders for Condor.

How many Plane Packs are available?
Condor Plane Pack 1 (preview video HERE) BUY
Condor Plane Pack 2 (more info HERE) BUY
Condor Plane Pack 3 under development