Lowlands Cup 06
Home of the first worldwide Condor competition racing league.
Speedbattle Cup
Home of the biggest Condor competition racing league.
You have problems with finding free time but you still want to take place in a competition racing league? This might be what you are looking for.
Sierra Hotel Racing League
SHR league was originally created to accommodate pilots living in the western time zones, but as the league grew, pilots from all over the world began to compete.
Home of another worldwide Condor competition racing league.
The Monday Night Soaring League
Home of the Monday Night Soaring League. Condor races at 7pm and 10pm U.S. EST each Monday night.
The home of competition racing league where good teamwork is the most important.
Condor Club
Great place to get and share Condor tasks.
Condor Stats
Condor Stats is a Thomas Hitziger's program which enables users to easier track their flying statistics and publish them easily on the web as well.
Thomas also has a huge collection of Condor galleries located at his website.
Die deitschsprachige Community zu Condor
Condor forum for German Condor community
Simulateur de vol à voile Condor
Condor portal and forum for the French Condor community.
Condor: Simulacion de vuelo a vela en español
Condor portal for the Spanish Condor community. - Plachtársky simulátor
Condor portal for the Slovakian Condor community.
Сайт русскоязычного сообщества пилотов планерного симулятора Condor
Condor portal for the Russian Condor community.